New professional search service for Joomla.

Easy and fast, we mean really fast.

Ranking, ranking, ranking… You can detailed customize rankings to get search results in relevance you really want.

Why it’s possible?

In core of our service, we use new generation NoSQL database solution, that outperforms your Joomla search 1000s of times. With built in native ranking support, we can really enhance power of search relevance.

Use the power of Cloud computing.

No more worries about limited server resources, everything is stored in our cloud.

Want to search not only in Joomla default components? No problem. For all our clients we will gladly make search extension for your component, just ask!

 No more

This is not just simply another search extension, this is brand new approach.

If Speed is what you need then this is for You.

Empower your applications with Google- / Bing-like SEARCH PERFORMANCE in any size databases.

This is joomla search:                                                       This is SearchJet search:



Feel free to try it using our search module located in top rigth position